Tout savoir sur la loi Montagne en Haute-Garonne

Everything you need to know about mountain law in Haute-Garonne

Since the end of 2021, the entry into force of the Mountain law 2 requires motorists to equip themselves appropriately for driving in certain French departments in winter. To better understand how the Mountain law works in Haute-Garonne, some explanations are necessary.


The Mountain 2 law corresponds to the law of December 28, 2016 for the modernization, development and protection of mountain territories. This was introduced from November 1, 2021 to encourage motorists to drive more safely during the winter season. It is limited to certain French municipalities, the most exposed to ice and snowfall on the roads. During its first year of application, information work rather than sanctions was carried out among motorists. The law is now strictly enforced for the entire 2022-2023 winter season, which is why vehicles must be equipped in accordance with the legislation.

Haute-Garonne is one of the departments affected by the new Mountain law . In 46 towns and villages, road users will have to equip their cars with snow chains , snow socks , Winter tires or some snow tires . This obligation is in place for the entire duration set for the winter period, i.e. from November 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023. The areas where one of this equipment is mandatory are indicated by signs. Apart from these, a motorist must be able to present the equipment in question in his trunk in the event of an inspection. All 4-wheel vehicles are subject to the Mountain 2 law, which includes private and professional cars, trucks and vans.


With the effective establishment of the Mountain 2 law, several questions arise for motorists who will drive in the affected areas. Are snow tires compulsory in Haute-Garonne? Can other tire models be used? Are accessories for riding on snow accepted? The law authorizes all approved systems that allow you to travel without risk on icy and snowy terrain. This concerns indifferently winter tires, snow tires, 4-season tires , snow socks, snow chains and overtires recognized for such use.

For motorists who drive a lot during the winter in Haute-Garonne, having special tires seems to be a good idea. However, changing tires represents a significant investment that should not be neglected. Snow chains and socks are more economical, but it can be tedious to equip and then remove them each time you enter and exit an area.


The new Mountain law aims to make roads safer during winter. It should make it possible to significantly reduce accidents due to icy or snowy roads, but also to limit the number of immobilized cars.

It is important not to neglect this point when you take the road in Haute-Garonne during the winter. A new set of tires intended for driving on snow or approved protective accessories (over tires, chains or snow socks) must be installed for driving in each zone indicated by entry and exit signs.

Failure to comply with the law will be punished by fourth class fine . Its amount is currently 135 euros for offenders. The fine will be addressed to the driver of the car at the time of the check and not to its owner. If law enforcement believes the vehicle is unsafe to drive at this time of year, it may be immobilized.


Snow tires are expensive to use, and snow chains and socks are complex to install. To make your life easier while respecting the measures provided for by the Mountain 2 law, you can choose exclusive Musher technology. This approved accessory is recognized by the State for driving on snowy roads . This new generation overtire looks like a snow sock that can be put on any tire in around 5 minutes (compared to 10 to 20 minutes for other existing systems). It can also be fitted to non-chainable vehicles.

Its unique technology will allow you to ride safely on snowy or icy roads in Haute-Garonne . You can also travel with it on dry asphalt for up to 150 kilometers. Extremely durable, the Musher overtire is a safe bet for all your journeys during the winter. Practical, efficient and economical, these snow socks have many advantages for riding without risks in areas where the Mountain 2 law applies.

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