Les sur-pneus Musher certifiés selon la nouvelle norme européenne EN 16662-1:2020

Musher over-tyres certified according to the new European standard EN 16662-1:2020

Since December 1, 2020, the new standard EN 16662-1:2020 , published on May 27, 2020 by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) regarding anti-slip protection devices has been established. But what exactly does this standard mean and what will it change on our pneumatic equipment this winter ?


When winter arrives and temperatures drop below 7°C, and the road surface is often slippery, snowy or icy, summer tires are no longer enough to ensure safe driving: we switch to winter tires which offer better adhesion. However, the latter do not offer sufficient safety depending on the situation and it is therefore advisable, even obligatory, to equip your vehicle with snow chains in certain areas, or with approved equipment.

The new European standard EN 16662-1 imposes a European-wide acceptance of alternatives to conventional snow chains , if these alternatives comply with the new standard. The latter specifies the safety, quality and performance requirements for anti-slip equipment, also called SGD for “Supplementary grip devices”. The standard applies to all SGDs, regardless of their material (metallic, textile or hybrid).


THE snow chains are an effective device on the black ice and the snow and provide good grip in slippery areas. In addition, you can cross any area with a B26 sign requiring the use of snow chains or approved over-tyres.

However, their installation system is often difficult , it requires between 15 and 20 minutes and he is impossible to drive with it on dry asphalt at the risk of irreparably damaging them. This means taking them apart and then reassembling them along the way to your destination, as many times as necessary. Finally, some vehicles are non-chainable and must find an alternative.


You will have understood that although snow chains are synonymous with safety on icy roads, their use is complex. and binding . Thanks to the new standard EN 16662-1:2020, approved alternatives can be used nationally and in member countries of the European Union.

Musher seized this opportunity to design an innovative anti-slip protection device which meets regulatory requirements while ensuring peace of mind for motorists: a premium anti-slip over-tyre , fully compliant with the EN 16662-1:2020 standard , which allows you to drive up to 150 km on dry bitumen . Soon available for purchase, this product promises to revolutionize winter driving for French and European motorists.

More durable than traditional snow socks, effective on snowy surfaces and icy , this product of Musher innovation can be assembled and disassembled in barely 5 minutes . Sold with an assembly kit containing gloves, sleeves, installation mat, waterproof bag and instructions, you will no longer have to worry about preparing your trip and can set off peacefully traveling the roads between the immaculate mountains.