Welcome to our FAQ section dedicated to our Musher snow socks. We understand that you may have questions about their use, installation, durability, and more. To help you get the information you'll need, we've collected the most frequently asked questions here.


How many Musher Antiglisse over-tyres should I install on my 4x4?

We recommend that you install a Musher Anti-Slip sock on each drive wheel of your vehicle. For 4×4, with 4-wheel drive, we therefore recommend that you install the Musher on your four-wheel drive, so as not to damage the transfer case.

How many pairs of Musher over-tires do I need?

A pair of Musher over-tyres is enough for you, which must be placed on your two drive wheels. Of course, you can also put Musher over-tires on your four wheels for improved grip.

How long can I keep my Musher over-tires on my wheels?

It is best to remove your Musher when your vehicle is permanently immobilized.

How to choose the size ?

Find the 3 numbers written on your tires and indicate them in the “Search” menu and the search engine will tell you the corresponding size.

How do I take care of my Musher?

After use, be sure to rinse and dry your Musher textile snow chains thoroughly, then store them in the storage bag provided to you in the Musher packaging. Store this Musher bag in a corner of your trunk and you will be ready to face the next difficulties!

Do Musher over-tyres comply with road regulations?

Yes, Musher over-tyres comply with road regulations B26 (special equipment required), which means that you can use Musher over-tyres legally on snowy or icy roads. Learn more about unique Musher technology.

Are my Musher reusable?

Yes, Musher over-tyres on Musher tires are reusable and guaranteed for 2 years.

Is Musher certified?

Musher over-tyres comply with road regulations B26 (special equipment required), and certified in accordance with European standard EN 16662-1. Musher snow socks are also patented by the INPI (Patent No.: 1251676).

I received my Mushers but the dimensions of my tires indicate a different size on the box

We make size adjustments every year, so yes, you may have this problem, however the search engine is updated regularly.

I received my Mushers but my size is not listed on the box

Don't worry, sizes may be added from one year to the next, but the box has not yet been modified, the search engine is updated regularly.

I can't find my size on the search engine

If you cannot find your size, you can contact customer service available 7/7 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. At: +33 563 735 188 or on contact@musher-antiglisse.com

Are Musher over-tires compatible with EPS and ABS systems?

Yes. Musher can be used on all vehicles, including those equipped with the latest electronic equipment such as EPS and ABS systems. Musher only increases the overall performance of the car in terms of grip.

Are my Musher over-tires guaranteed?

Yes, your Musher over-tires are guaranteed for 2 years. The first year, we refund 100% of the product in the event of a justified problem. The second year, we refund 50% of the product in the event of a justified problem.

Is Musher suitable for all types of vehicles?

Yes, thanks to its innovative “intelligent envelope” technology, Musher over-tyres on Musher tires can be installed on all types of vehicles, even non-chainable!

Where are Musher over-tyres made?

Musher over-tires are entirely made in France.

Where to find Musher in store?

MUSHER anti-slip over-tyres will soon be distributed in many auto centers and other specialized points of sale in your region. You can also order them on our website with free delivery.

Can I lend my Mushers?

No. One of Musher's great manufacturing secrets, which gives it so much performance, is the “shape memory” phenomenon which makes your Musher textile snow chains a real tailor-made envelope for your tires once installed.

Can I ride on dry roads with my Musher?

Yes ! And this is what makes Musher over-tyres so practical and so different from other existing systems. With Musher you can drive up to 150 kilometers on dry roads and cross tunnels and other roads between two passes.

Can I use Musher on my aluminum sports rims?

Yes of course ! Musher anti-slip over-tyres are made of textile materials which do not cause any damage to your wheels, whatever they may be.

What does a Musher anti-slip pack contain?

A MUSHER package contains:

  • A pair of non-slip over-tyres to place on the drive wheels of your vehicle (Be careful to choose the size of your over-tyres)
  • A laying mat
  • A pair of protective gloves
  • Five pairs of disposable protective sleeves
  • A storage bag

What's the difference with snow chains?

Musher is an alternative to snow chains: easier and quicker to fit, Musher over-tires allow you to drive 150km on asphalt, and are reusable and guaranteed for 2 years. The Musher Anti-Slip are the 1st On Tires compliant with the European standard EN 16662-1, which allow you to drive on snowy or icy roads in complete safety, but also completely legally. Learn more about the differences between Musher snow chains and over-tyres

What is a Musher over-tire?

Musher over-tires are alternatives to snow chains. These anti-slip devices allow you to drive on snowy or icy surfaces in complete safety. Musher is an “intelligent casing” that adapts perfectly and effortlessly to your tire for driving on snowy or icy surfaces. This sock replaces the chains and can be fitted in just a few minutes. Its patented technology allows you to ride on dry ground for 150km at up to 50km/h. Unlike snow socks on the market which tear easily, your Musher are reusable and guaranteed for 2 years and made in France.