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More durable than traditional snow socks, Musher is durable equipment to keep in the trunk of your vehicle in all circumstances. Lightweight, space-saving, durable and reusable: Musher is the intelligent alternative that eliminates the defects of snow chains while providing optimal grip on snow and ice. Thanks to its technology derived from French textile know-how, Musher adapts to all vehicles without exception.

Our technology
The ultimate snow sock The ultimate snow sock
French innovation

The ultimate snow sock

Musher is an innovative snow sock patented by the INPI. The Mushers adapt perfectly to your tires and allow you to drive in complete safety on snowy, icy roads and on dry ground. Designed and manufactured in France, equipped with shape memory armor, the Musher over-tire does not tear on asphalt and adapts to all types of vehicles, even non-chainable ones. A word of advice: equip your vehicle with a pair of Mushers and you will have peace of mind for several years!

Suitable for all vehicles Suitable for all vehicles
Cutting-edge technology

Suitable for all vehicles

Recognized by the specialist press, our cutting-edge technology allows us to equip tires from 12 to 22 inches and can be used by any type of vehicle, even non-chainable. Whether you have a sports car, utility vehicle, electric, SUV or even a camper, there is a Musher snow sock for your vehicle. The tread that makes up the Musher snow sock is designed using 3D shape memory knitting which allows the over-tyres to fit perfectly onto the tire after driving a few meters. The combination of flexible and robust textile materials that we use to design our Musher over-tyres makes them compact, intuitive and very grippy.

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on dry bitumen
5 min
5 min
super fast assembly
Special equipment
2 years warranty
2 years warranty
compliant with regulations
Mountain Law
Mountain Law
Easy to use Easy to use
Intuitive use

Easy to use

5 minutes is enough to install Musher snow socks. Thanks to its very elastic mesh, it is enough to cover the upper part of the tire, move forward half a turn of the wheel and cover the other half of the tire. In the Musher pack you will find a complete installation kit: gloves, installation mat, sleeves, waterproof bag.

Very durable, Musher snow socks are reusable, machine washable, and guaranteed for 2 years. Equip your car with Musher over-tyres in order to have peace of mind on winter roads and in compliance with the Mountain Law!


Beyond the quality of our product, we provide customer support from start to finish, for a tailor-made service.

About Musher
Family business

About Musher

Musher is a family textile company created in 2016 by Daniel Baïsse and his son Alexandre. With more than 40 years of experience in the safety and multi-risk clothing sector , Daniel Baïsse has developed an innovative and comprehensive system so that motorists can travel peacefully on winter roads. Since then, Daniel and Alexandre have continued to work to promote the development of innovative and sustainable textile solutions in the automotive sector. Their latest innovation is Musher Trucks, the world's most durable snow sock for trucks and buses. Committed to the heart of its territory, Musher works with production units based in France and therefore participates in the revitalization of the textile industry in France, dear to the Baïsse family.

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Great !

Tested with 40cm of snow on an Audi Quattro (all-wheel drive) fitted with summer tires, then ice for several km and finally on dry roads for 20 km. I found the Mushers to be formidable in their efficiency. Easy assembly and reusable next season without worries.

Nicolas on 06/28/2023

Nothing to say

Product conforms to the description (size 9). Great professionalism of the company!! Very fast delivery and advice over the phone!

Philippines on 06/28/2023


Very good explanations on the phone, very good advice and extremely fast delivery. Not yet tested… The responsiveness and customer service was so great that we will recommend Musher!

Mathieu on 06/28/2023