Loi Montagne : Hautes-Pyrénées

Mountain Law: Hautes-Pyrénées

The decree of October 16, 2020 requires vehicles with four wheels or more to install winter devices such as snow tires, chains or snow socks during the winter season .

While when the decree was put in place, offenders only risked being reminded of the law, this year it has become obligatory to respect the regulations in force.

As the winter season approaches, it is therefore a good time to take a specific interest in Mountain Haute Pyrénées law.


The objective of the Hautes-Pyrénées Mountain law is twofold. First of all, she wants avoid any blocking situations on snowy and icy roads due to poorly equipped vehicles. Indeed, during the winter season, we often observe immobilized vehicles blocking a more or less significant part of the road. Moreover, she also wants increase the safety of users using dangerous mountain roads.

To do this, it will be necessary to equip yourself with equipment suitable for driving on snowy and icy roads . This is the case for winter tires or items such as snow chains and socks.

Until now, the Mountain law was in the deployment phase. Which means, in other words, that the police were conciliatory when dealing with offenders. Only educational operations were carried out with a reminder of the law. That being said, from the 1st November 2022, any person who does not respect this Mountain law may be fined €135 with possible immobilization of the vehicle.

Please note: in the case of Hautes-Pyrénées, the Mountain law concerns 55 municipalities (including 20 partially). To establish this list, the communities took into account various elements including the altitude above 1000 m, the presence of chaining areas as well as territorial and route coherence.

To find out more: visit the website hautes-pyrenees.gouv .


You have understood: if you plan to go to the mountains this winter, you will be obliged to comply with this new law.

If you live in one of the towns mentioned (or nearby), it will be advisable to install a set of Hautes-Pyrénées snow tires . This will give you peace of mind throughout the winter period. It's up to you to decide whether you prefer to fit winter tires before the 1st . November and then remove them or choose 4-season tires.

If you are only passing through (on a skiing holiday for example), you will have the choice between chains or snow socks . In both cases, it will be necessary to plan your journey in order to stop before the obligatory zone to equip your vehicle.

Namely: the municipalities have implemented new road signs in order to inform road users of an entry or exit from a zone requiring compulsory equipment (signs B58 and B59). Outside of these areas, it is requested to keep your snow equipment on board the vehicle .

Indeed, in the event of an inspection, you must be able to show them to the police.


As we have indicated, there are 3 technologies to take the road with complete peace of mind in Hautes-Pyrénées.

THE snow tires First of all. Very effective, the problem coming from the installation which must be done in a garage. You should also keep your other tires in a secure place.

THE Snow chains , for their part, are equipment known to motorists used to using snow-covered roads in winter. Although you can install them yourself, it takes between 15 and 20 minutes for a complete installation. Which can prove problematic in difficult climatic conditions.

Last possibility: the snow socks . Easier to install than chains, standard equipment is however not very durable and lacks reliability on snowy roads.

It is based on this observation that we developed a technology based on snow socks, but pushing the concept even further by improving resistance, practicality and grip. Thus, taking the form of an over-tyre, this element can be assembled in a few minutes and allows you to drive on ice, snow, but also dry asphalt for 150 km . This is also what differentiates our technology from standard snow chains and socks, which are not recommended on this latter type of surface. They must therefore be removed as quickly as possible once the dangerous zone has been crossed.

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