Guide pour changer une roue de voiture

Guide to changing a car wheel

It's a fact: all vehicle owners were forced, one day, to change a car wheel .

Although it is not complicated, you still need to know the procedure to follow. Indeed, the change car wheel must be done step by step using suitable equipment.

We tell you everything you need to know to disassemble and reassemble a wheel .


You are probably aware that without adequate equipment, it is simply impossible to change a car wheel.

First, you must have a spare wheel or a flat wheel . This is obvious, but it is important to clarify it. This will allow you to continue driving at least to the nearest garage.

If you are forced to stop on a road, it will be necessary to bring a fluorescent vest and place, a few meters upstream, a safety triangle to warn motorists.

Please note: if possible, we advise you to stop in a safe and quiet place to change your wheel.

You will also need a jack to lift your vehicle and keep it in this position, one specific key and, for a modern car, a Anti-theft nut socket .


To help you get going again as soon as possible, follow our steps one after the other.

First of all, as soon as you notice a problem with one of your tires, look for a place to park your vehicle . Ideally, there should be an open, flat, hard area (avoid dirt). A parking lot, for example, or an area if you are on the highway. If that's not possible, stop where you can, Apply the handbrake securely and leave your car in 1st gear . Put on your fluorescent vest (hence the importance of always having it at hand) and take your safety triangle . Paying attention to traffic, unfold it and place it a few meters ahead. You are now ready to work on your machine.

Before removing your car wheel, take out all the equipment you will need. The jack obviously, but also the wrench and the socket. If possible, when taking out your spare tire, Empty your trunk as much as possible to reduce the weight of your vehicle .

Remove the cover or hubcap from your wheel and loosen the nuts one after the other (turning counterclockwise). Using the jack that you place in the right place, Raise your car so that the wheel is no longer touching the ground . At the moment, remove the damaged wheel .

Be careful not to lose the nuts. To do this, group them together and put them aside.


Rest assured: you have done the hardest part. Indeed, Now that you know how to remove a car wheel, you know how to install a new wheel . To do this, simply carry out the steps described above in reverse.

First of all, mount your new wheel by positioning it on its axle . Then, tighten all nuts (clockwise this time).

Using the jack again, lower your machine so that the tires touch the ground again. Go over all the nuts to tighten them as much as possible without forcing them (especially if you have installed a spare wheel).

Add the hubcap if you have one and put away your equipment . If you have inflation equipment, check the pressure of the tire(s) .


A visit to the garage will be mandatory if you have installed a repair wheel (called pancake wheel). Indeed, as its name suggests, this equipment must be used as a breakdown service and not as a main wheel. Moreover, you will not be allowed to drive more than 80 km/h with this type of wheel.

If you have a wheel that is perfectly identical to your other wheels and in perfect condition, you don't have to go there immediately . That being said, we advise you to make an appointment as soon as possible to verify that the assembly is legal . Take the opportunity to do repair or change your spare tire so as not to be caught off guard if you puncture again.

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You know now remove a car wheel and put on a new tire . You can therefore carry out this operation with complete peace of mind in order to get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Namely: the principle is the same for install snow tires .