Comment installer des chaînes à neige sur ma voiture ?

How do I install snow chains on my car?

If you have been following the news, you will know that from November 1, any vehicle traveling in mountainous regions must be equipped with winter tires or removable winter equipment – ​​snow chain or sock .

As soon as the announcement of the Mountain law 2021 , the government has specified to allow 1 year for the motorists concerned to equip themselves. After this year of tolerance, any person who does not respect the law may be fined €135.

You ask yourself how to put chains on a car ? Discover our guide.


Before starting the installation, you need to know what we are talking about and be sure that you have purchased the correct reference.

So, be aware that there are different sizes of chains that fit the associated car tire sizes. It is therefore appropriate to choose the kit that matches your tires . If this is not the case, there is a risk of not being able to use it when needed or of damaging your vehicle.

In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the obligation to install snow chains on your drive wheels . For traction, these are the front wheels. However, certain vehicles such as 4x4s or motorhomes require chains to be installed on all 4 wheels.

Finally, it is recommended to practice at home before hitting the road by putting on and taking off the chains . Once you arrive in the mountains, as soon as you start to see snow, don't wait to stop in an area provided for this purpose. Ideally, it would be better to do this just beforehand, keeping in mind that prolonged contact with the asphalt could damage the product.

Please note: snow chains wear out. It is therefore appropriate to check the condition of the product before taking the road .


Today, winter systems for tires have greatly evolved. It is therefore much easier to mount and disassemble your snow chains (especially if you opt for our snow socks that can be installed in 5 minutes).

In any case, as soon as you think it is time to install your snow chains, park your vehicle in a flat and clear parking space . Make sure the handbrake is properly applied and take your chains, remove them from their packaging and place them on the ground behind your tires (after untangling them if necessary).

After making sure that the steel part is at the bottom and the rigid tube is at the top, join the two parts of the tube at the top of the tire and completely encircle the wheel with the metal part .

It will then suffice to close the chain links on the front of the tire and adjust the tightness (neither too strong so as not to break the tensioner nor not enough).

Before getting back on the road, make sure the chain is securely attached to the tires. To do this, it is advisable to drive a few kilometers at low speed and stop to recheck the installation on your tires .

Once equipped, avoid sudden acceleration and braking and stay below 50 km/h as required by law.


Standard snow chains or snow socks should not be used on dry asphalt . Therefore, as soon as the weather conditions improve, to pass through a tunnel or on a snow-free slope, it is imperative to remove them. Likewise, you should not leave the chains on a stationary vehicle. Therefore, as soon as you park your vehicle, you will need to remove your snow chains.

To do this, simply carry out the assembly steps in reverse .

So start by making sure that the upper hook is placed at the top of the wheel (do not hesitate to roll your vehicle to do this). Then loosen the tension chain to unlock the chains and disassemble all the hooks one after another.

Then, disconnect the two parts of the rigid tube. You can now completely remove your chains and store them after soaking them in hot water and drying them.


The steps presented above correspond to standard snow chains.

In order to make life easier for motorists driving in the mountains, we have developed a simpler and more intuitive technology . Typically, it takes around 20 minutes to fit snow chains. By using our product, only 5 minutes is enough . This saves you a lot of time (very useful if you have to put on your sock in bad weather).

In addition, unlike traditional snow chains and socks, it is possible to ride with our snow sock on dry asphalt for approximately 150 km . This allows you to more easily plan your journey on snowy roads.

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