Vacances de Noël à la montagne : comment bien se préparer ?

Christmas vacation in the mountains: how to prepare well?

The air is getting colder, the first snows are covering the ground, the atmosphere of the end of year celebrations is invading the towns and villages, there is no doubt: winter is here! And who says winter says Christmas holidays , which some people look forward to going to the mountains and practicing winter sports, with family, couples or friends.

But for it to live up to your expectations, this annual getaway requires some preparation . In the rush that precedes a departure on vacation, it is not uncommon to forget a few things and to bite your fingers once you arrive. From the contents of your suitcases to the accessories of the vehicle that will take you to your destination, here are all our tips for preparing your Christmas vacation in the mountains.


For a successful winter vacation, it is essential to be well equipped against the cold . Remember to include these few essentials for your stay in the mountains in your suitcase:

      • thermal underwear (t-shirt, tights, etc.)
      • a fleece jacket
      • a long-sleeved t-shirt
      • thick pants
      • a hoodie
      • a scarf
      • gloves or mittens, preferably waterproof
      • a hat or equivalent
      • a waterproof ski suit or set, if you practice
      • ski socks
      • a swimsuit, if your residence or accommodation is equipped / close to a spa or swimming pool
      • ski boots and après-ski


If you have opted to rent equipment on site, there is no need to worry about preparing the equipment. On the other hand, if you use your own skis/snowboards, remember to have them checked by a specialist before leaving. Once the proper functioning of your equipment has been verified, check that you have not forgotten anything: skis, snowboard, poles, helmets, sunglasses, mask, sleds for the youngest children (and older ones!), ski boots, sunscreen, etc. Also consider equipping your car with a ski rack to attach to the roof bars or to the trailer hitch.


For winter sports enthusiasts, the Christmas holidays are rarely easy. To the already intense activities of skiing or snowboarding, we must add the effects of altitude on breathing. To avoid being overcome by fatigue from the first day, it is advisable to practice regular physical activity at least a few weeks before leaving on vacation.

A daily morning jog, a bit of elliptical cycling, a dance class, aerobics... You are free to choose an activity that you like to get your body in condition for this winter. Also remember to take care of your diet , you will only be more agile and vigorous on the slopes!


On the road to the winter holidays, your car is put to the test. Winding, snowy or icy roads, road regulations, frost... To cope with the hazards of driving in the winter season, you should equip yourself with some essential equipment, such as a windshield scraper , a anti-freeze cover , a de-icing bomb and antifreeze product for windshield wipers.

But the ones that need special treatment in winter are your tires . On the one hand to compensate for the loss of grip of the vehicle on the road due to bad weather, and on the other hand because special equipment is made compulsory on many mountainous roads in the Alps, Pyrenees and Jura, notably by the Mountain Law and the panel B26 .

But here it is: what to choose between winter tires, snow chains or snow socks? Some are too expensive and complicated to install for occasional use, others are too fragile to drive on dry asphalt.

So to ensure that your car journey to the ski resorts goes smoothly, opt for non-slip over-tyres ! This innovative technology is just as practical as snow socks, while being more reliable and stronger. The premium Musher anti-slip over-tyres allow you to drive on the dry bitumen for 150 km while being perfectly effective on snow and ice . In addition, they meet the requirements of the Mountain law and panel B26 . To travel through the country's most beautiful mountain ranges in a safe and peaceful manner, all you need to do is mount these devices on your tires in just 5 minutes. !

Is your suitcase packed and your car equipped? All you have to do is enjoy these magical moments!