Top 6 des activités d’hiver à faire en famille

Top 6 winter activities to do with the family

The winter holidays are just around the corner and you're running out of ideas to entertain the whole family during your mountain vacation? Discover our top 6 original or unusual winter activities to share between young and old for an unforgettable vacation!


When we think of “winter activities to do as a family”, skiing is probably what comes most easily to mind. When your children start to ski well, this is the opportunity to try ski touring . Around 8 years old, your children can try this winter activity.

You also have the option of trying ski walks rather than a real hike to see if the activity appeals to everyone. Many ski resorts or guide offices offer itineraries adapted to your level .


An increasingly popular activity is dog sledding . You can either let yourself be carried away and enjoy the view of the snow-capped peaks, or try out the profession of musher by driving the team yourself.

It is, moreover, a very popular activity with children, described as a great adventure , it will not leave your children indifferent. For children aged 3 to 7, you even have the opportunity to experience “baby sledding” where your children are pulled by a single dog in a secure area, in a small sled.

And from 2 years old, llama sled rides are possible in certain resorts such as Névache in the Clarée Valley where children slide gently on the snow, sitting on a pulka towed by a llama. An outing that will please everyone whatever your age!


Do you find snowshoe hikes too mundane? In fact, it is one of the most popular family winter activities. However, the offer has diversified in recent years to offer attractive activities for young and old . It's about night hikes ! Walk at sunset, atmosphere and sounds of the mountains at night, possibility of admiring the constellations, discovery of animal tracks, proximity to nature etc. It's all one new mountain experience available to you!

The little extra? A small meal is always planned to enjoy a friendly and warm moment in a shelter or around the fire, and sometimes even in more unusual places like a yurt or an igloo.

The vast majority of guides and hiking agencies now offer nighttime snowshoe walks. So don't wait any longer!


Here is an unusual adventure but perfectly secure : spend the night in an igloo ! This is a great, unforgettable activity to do as a family . All the comfort is there! Igloos are generally already built and equipped . Sometimes, it is possible to build them yourself, supervised by a mountain guide. Finally, all the equipment necessary to sleep well (duvets, mattresses among others) is provided.

Attention : although the snow insulates from the cold, it is better to come equipped and with a flashlight.


Gentler activity whether alpine skiing or cross-country skiing, the paret/yooner is a form of skiing accessible to all, young and old alike . The yooner and the paret are small sleds which were intended for children to go to school in the mountains in winter. They are now also available for older children.

It is an ideal activity for those who do not practice skiing or board sports in general but still want to hit the slopes. THE The cost is very affordable and handling is quick and easy .


In some regions of France such as the Pyrenees Orientales, you can enjoy outdoor hot springs . Ideal after a day in the snow to relax and warm up with water that can reach 35°C. Bringing a pleasant feeling of calm, softness and warmth, hot water baths are the perfect activity to end the day in style after having made so much physical effort.

And you, what activity tempts you the most?

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