Quels sont les équipements et accessoires obligatoires en voiture ?

What equipment and accessories are required in the car?

You surely know that there are Mandatory accessories in a car . But do you know exactly the list of equipment to have with you on each trip?

We tell you everything about the mandatory equipment in the car.


The law requires all motorists to have a vest fluorescent safety and a safety triangle . Indeed, these two pieces of equipment are very useful in the event of an accident. While the safety triangle will be used to secure the place by placing it a few meters upstream in order to warn other users, the safety vest, for its part, must be put on before exiting the vehicle. Therefore, you have understood that it must be kept within the passenger compartment so as to remain within reach.

Please note: not having this type of equipment can be punished with fine of 4th class .

Other mandatory equipment in the car that we don't necessarily think about: the approved horn . Be careful, however: its use is strictly regulated. Thus, it is prohibited in town and at night outside towns (except in immediate danger). Its misuse can lead to fine of 150€ (fixed fine of €35).


Since the entry into force of the Mountain law, it has become compulsory for certain motorists to have a specific equipment allowing driving on icy and snowy roads .

However, this only concerns people taking mountainous routes from the 1st November to March 31 . The objective of this law is both to improve the safety of users on this type of road and to prevent blockages linked to vehicles immobilized on the road.

If you go to the mountains this winter, it will therefore be necessary to Equip yourself with winter or 4-season tires or, at a minimum, have chains or snow socks .

As such, we offer a high quality car winter equipment which, in addition to being simple to install, is also very durable.


In addition to the obligatory yellow and triangle vest, it is advisable to bring certain specific equipment with you. This is the case of the spare wheel which, although not obligatory, is highly recommended. Indeed, the law stipulates that driving with tires in poor condition is prohibited. The sanction which may result in fine of €750 (fixed fine of €135) and a immobilization of the vehicle . Obviously, it is also necessary to own the associated equipment .

You can also take with you A breathalyzer to find out whether or not you can get behind the wheel after a few drinks. Although it is not no longer mandatory since 2020 , it remains recommended. For information, it is prohibited from driving with a blood alcohol level above 0.5 g/l (0.2 g/l in the case of a probationary license).


The radar detector is one of the only pieces of equipment that is strictly prohibited in the car . Owning this type of equipment may result in loss of 6 points on driving license as well as a fine up to €1500. Moreover, the detector will be seized in the same way as your vehicle if it is integrated into it . In certain cases, the sanction can go up to one suspension of driving license for several years.


Some vehicle-related equipment requires regular maintenance. This is the case, first of all, of lighting required . This concerns:

  • Traffic lights ;
  • High beams;
  • Brake lights;
  • Front and rear position lights;
  • Rear fog lights;
  • The indicators;
  • The distress signal (warning);
  • The rear license plate light.

In the event of a fire in poor condition, a fixed fine of €68 can be applied as well as an obligation to immediately change the defective bulb. Hence the interest in always having a box of spare bulbs .

Other equipment requiring regular examinations: the windows and the windshield . Obviously, these must be transparent and not distort vision or change colors. Unless there is medical advice, it is also It is forbidden to modify the characteristics of the windows .

Having defective windows can be punished by a fixed fine of €135 and a removal of 3 points on the license.

In some cases, problems with lights and/or windows can lead to a immobilization of the vehicle.

Concerning, finally, the number plates , you must have plates approved and well secured . These must be adapted to your machine. If you are driving without a plate or with non-approved plates, a fine of up to €750 may be applied by law enforcement.