Quelles sont les activités à faire à la montagne ?

What are the activities to do in the mountains?

Who said that the mountains only rhyme with skiing? Indeed, the activities to do in the mountains are numerous and varied ! Here is a selection of the best activities to do in the mountains in winter, but also in summer during your vacation. You will find something for everyone, young and old!


One of the best-known activities in the mountains besides skiing is snowshoe hiking. These walks can be enjoyed by the whole family. All you have to do is put your snowshoes on and wander through the powder to discover new landscapes .

In the vast majority of ski resorts, you will find different routes depending on your level. You can also follow an itinerary with a guide to discover hidden or surprising places.


If hiking seems too monotonous and you want something more intense, why not turn to cycling in the snow ? Fat biking is a special bike that allows you to ride in the snow thanks to its large adapted wheels. If you are a fan of mountain biking, this is the ideal activity for you!

In addition, there are courses and trails accessible for all levels , even beginners. And for those who want to enjoy the joys of cycling without losing their lungs, know that there are electric Fatbikes.


Have you ever taken the time to discover the heritage of the places where you go for your winter activities? Whether you decide to go to the Pyrenees, the Vosges, the Alps, the Jura or the Massif Central, know that these regions have no shortage of incredible places to visit, especially when it comes to heritage. This will therefore be an opportunity for you to discover the different castles, citadels and abbeys hidden in our mountains as well as the small mountain towns and villages.


Many ski resorts offer paragliding tours , even if you are a beginner. This activity allows you to take a tandem flight with a professional where you can admire the mountain landscapes with complete confidence. More intense courses are also offered for lovers of stronger sensations.

And the little extra? This activity works just as well in winter as in summer! Yes, the mountains are not just about winter activities. Summer activities are very numerous and just as interesting as the winter activities. Whether you go paragliding in summer or winter, you will either enjoy the snow-capped peaks and breathtaking valleys.


To discover the mountains in summer, there is nothing better than via ferrata ! These courses can be offered for all levels , even for children. Via ferrata is an aerial hike on mountain cliffs made in the form of a course and combining climbing and walking in the air with bridges, footbridges, ramps and ladders fixed to the walls.

This is the opportunity to enjoy incredible panoramas in complete safety. There are even via ferrata routes that allow you to discover and climb historical monuments .


Finally, for those who want to do water activities , even far from the sea, have no fear! The mountain also offers aquatic leisure activities which will allow you to discover certain sporting activities to do in the mountains and in the water such as canyoning or rafting.

Set off to discover mountain streams and embark on these aquatic hikes!

Canyoning corresponds much more to a hike where you have to go down a canyon in different ways. Sometimes you will have to slide, sometimes swim, or sometimes even abseil. This activity is also available for the whole family with adapted and more or less sporty courses.

Rafting is an activity that is done aboard an inflatable raft in which you ride with your teammates. You will then have to go down the stream or river with the help of your paddles while avoiding rocks, a fun and sporting activity!

There is no shortage of activities to do in the mountains, whatever the time of year! It's always the ideal time and place to share moments with friends or family. and try new sports practices !