Pneu hiver et sur-pneu : Quel meilleur rapport qualité-prix ?

Winter tire and over-tyre: What is better value for money?


Winter is coming and with it its share of inconveniences. Snow, ice, rain, low temperatures , so many weather conditions and complications that make the more dangerous driving . It is therefore often recommended, even obligatory, to equip yourself accordingly . Furthermore, certain mountain areas are regulated and require the use of specific equipment. Winter tires are part of the recommended or mandatory equipment.

What is their average price? Is there a more affordable solution? Our answers in this article!


Winter tires are recognizable by the acronym M+S (Mud and Snow) or 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake) shown as a snowflake inside a 3 peak mountain. The first indicates that the tires can be used in winter conditions to drive on snowy or muddy areas. The 3PMSF model demonstrates better performance on difficult surfaces .

It is strongly recommended to equip yourself with winter tires , also called snow tires , a little before the start of the winter season, when temperatures fall below 7°C . Indeed, below 7°C, summer tires harden and the rubber loses its grip . The winter tire is designed to maintain good performance, even on difficult surfaces (snow, ice) and is more resistant to cold . Additionally, some mountainous areas require the use of winter tires . These roads are marked with sign B26 . Very often, this sign requires additional mandatory equipment such as snow chains or approved over-tyres.


You should first know that when you equip yourself with winter tires, all 4 wheels must be replaced . Changing just two wheels can be very dangerous and can cause an imbalance in your car's grip and traction. braking distance , whatever your vehicle or its level of traction. So keep in mind that you will need to buy 4 winter tires if you want to equip yourself with it.

There are three categories of tire brands:

  • Premium tires that provide safety, comfort and control on all types of roads and journeys.
  • Quality tires offer a very good quality-price compromise and are a good alternative to premium tires.
  • Budget tires designed for drivers on a smaller budget, they offer remarkable longevity and safety as well as good ride quality under normal conditions. Sports use or use in difficult conditions is not recommended.

The price of a winter tire varies depending on the seller and the type of tire desired. For a 205/55 R16 winter tire, count on:

  • prices ranging from 55 to 127 euros, for a winter tire from premium brands;
  • prices ranging from 47 to 128 euros, a winter tire from quality brands;
  • prices between 36 and 81 euros, a winter tire from Budge brands.

Winter tires cost on average between 20 and 30 euros more than summer tires . Added to this are the installation costs at a garage , or around 15 euros per tire . Finally, if you do not have space to store your summer tires , you will need to arrange a security service from a garage or in a mountain center for around ten euros per tire for 6 months.

The purchase of winter tires therefore has a fairly significant impact . In addition, they are not always enough on their own and it is necessary to add snow chain equipment or snow socks on certain roads . You therefore need to spend at least a few hundred euros to equip yourself so that you can drive on snowy or icy roads.


More economical , Musher anti-slip over-tyres , based on patented technology , offer effective grip on snow and ice , and, unlike many conventional snow socks, are resistant to tearing on dry asphalt . Also, they are fast and easy installation and are approved to European standards , allowing you to drive on roads marked with B26 signs .

They are a real alternative to classic snow chains and winter tires and are resistant up to 150 km on dry asphalt and can drive safely at speeds of up to 50 km/h on snow and ice . Additionally, they come with a pack containing an application mat, gloves as well as protective sleeves and a storage pack.

The snowy roads are waiting for you! Equip yourself now with tires to make your winter journeys in complete safety.