Où skier en été ?

Where to ski in summer?

It is possible to ski at any time of the year, taking advantage of the varied sites available in France and in Europe. To travel to the glaciers of the Alps during the summer season, it is essential to properly equip your tires in order to drive safely on snowy or icy roads.


Skiing is not an activity limited to the winter months. There are many places in France where it is possible to ski all year round while enjoying excellent skiing conditions with friends or family.

Among the best sites in this area, we can cite the glaciers of Deux Alpes , as well as the resorts of Tignes and Val d'Isère in particular.

Skiers will be able to indulge in their favorite sport in summer, taking the ski lifts in the morning to follow the most beautiful descents until early in the afternoon. But that's not all: by choosing these so-called winter sports resorts, you will have the opportunity to carry out numerous sporting activities, stroll on the terrace or go on beautiful hikes in the heart of magnificent landscapes.

To be able to ski in summer in optimal conditions, you can choose the largest ski areas in France such as the Deux-Alpes site in Isère. With 90 hectares of marked trails, the Meije massif and the Écrins will give you complete satisfaction.

Another essential French resort, Val d'Isère is accessible in summer within the Pisaillas glacier. In a splendid setting, 600 skiers per day will be able to use the slopes next June and July.

A destination not to be missed, the Tignes resort allows you to ski in the summer at an altitude of 3,000 meters via nearly 20 kilometers of slopes and a dozen lifts. Mountaineering and hiking enthusiasts will also find what they are looking for on site.


Skiing in summer is possible in several European countries, including France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. There is no shortage of high altitude sites to enjoy the joys of powder snow in the middle of breathtaking natural landscapes.

For all your trips to your vacation site, it is essential to provide suitable equipment to use your vehicle safely. Driving on snow can only be done with approved accessories for risk-free driving.

One of the historical solutions often favored by drivers is the installation of snow chains on the tires.
Such a device allows you to drive without problems on snow and ice. However, its installation is very difficult, with installation to be adapted precisely to the size of your tires which takes at least twenty minutes. It is also not possible to drive on dry asphalt with chains. In difficult conditions, installing snow chains can take up to 45 minutes of effort if you are not familiar with the operation. It is therefore interesting to turn to more practical solutions.


Driving with snow chains is laborious, but not having specific equipment on your tires is both risky and likely to result in fines during a ski trip.

To move well on snowy roads, equip yourself with Musher over-tires

Musher over-tires are, in a way, “super snow socks”. They are the ideal equipment for all occasional riders on snow or ice.

Their main advantage lies in the simplicity of installation, intuitive and easy, achievable in less than 5 minutes using complete packaging including gloves, a sleeve, a mat with instructions and a waterproof storage bag.

These accessories are made from 3D shape memory knitting, an innovative technology that uses high-tenacity textile fibers to combine comfort and safety while driving, even on very snowy roads.

To get to your favorite ski resort this summer, Musher over-tires allow you to travel up to 50 km/h on difficult roads, with the possibility of also being used on dry asphalt.

Installation can be carried out on all vehicles, even those known to be non-chainable. Patented by the INPI, the high-performance technology of these snow socks gives them foolproof grip on both snow and ice. Their extraordinary resistance is a guarantee of efficiency and durability.

THE Musher over-tyres are also approved for access to roads marked B26 .