Loi Montagne : Vosges

Mountain Law: Vosges

After a blank year, it is now obligatory to comply with the Montagne Vosges law . So, if you drive in the mountains (in the Vosges, in this case), you will be obliged to equip yourself with suitable equipment.

Knowing that this law concerns 140 communes in the Vosges , if this interests you, take the time to read our article to find out everything about this important regulation during the winter season.


You should know, above all, that the Mountain law does not date from 2022. In fact, it really came into force on 1 November 2021 (until March 31, 2022). However, lawmakers wanted to give motorists a year to prepare. As a result, the 2021/2022 winter season essentially served as an educational year . Indeed, if a motorist was stopped without the equipment required by this Vosges snow tire law, he would leave with a simple reminder of the law.

Since the 1st November 2022, the entry into force of this regulation has become effective and runs until March 31, 2022 . It concerns all drivers who travel in a vehicle with 4 wheels (including private cars as well as vans and heavy goods vehicles).

The objective of this law: to reduce accidents on icy and snowy roads in order to improve the safety of motorists while avoiding road blockages by immobilized vehicles.

To do this, risk zone entry and exit signs have been put in place.


If you have been at all interested in this law, you must have surely read and heard the mention “obligatory snow tires in the Vosges” . It's true and false at the same time.

It is true that by installing snow tires or 4-season tires on your vehicle, you can drive with complete peace of mind and safety . Indeed, this equipment is authorized (and even recommended). However, this requires a certain budget and the need to leave your vehicle at the nearest garage for the necessary time. Without forgetting that you must store the tires that you do not use in an appropriate place. We therefore recommend this solution to residents of the Vosges or to people who regularly travel in this mountain range.

Please note: prefer snow tires if you live in the Vosges. All-season tires are designed to make driving on lightly snow-covered roads easier.

For passing motorists, it is possible to install suitable equipment on their tires such as chains and snow socks . The advantage: this type of equipment adapts very well to smaller budgets and does not take up much space (so you can easily store them in a small space when you are no longer using them). On the other hand, you must mount them before entering an area governed by the Vosges snow tire law which requires their installation. Which can be very restrictive in the event of bad weather. You should also remember to remove them when you leave the area, because this equipment is not made for driving on dry asphalt .


Between November 1 , 2022 and March 31, 2023, it is mandatory to have snow tires, chains or snow socks if you are in an area regulated by the Vosges Mountain law . This equipment must be installed on your tires or kept with you whenever you travel (in your trunk for example). Indeed, in the event of an inspection, you must be able to show them to the police .

Otherwise, you incur a fine of €135 (4th class fine ) as well as possible immobilization of the vehicle .


We talked about winter tires, all-season tires, snow chains and snow socks. But there is another possibility: the Musher overtire .

Patented and approved, our technology is designed to make life easier for motorists who must drive within municipalities covered by the Mountain Law . Taking the form of a sock completely encompassing the tire, we have designed a product that is simple to assemble (around 5 minutes) and very durable.

Thus, unlike snow chains and socks, it is possible to drive approximately 150 km on dry asphalt with this equipment.

In addition, it is interesting to note that our equipment adapts very well to non-chainable vehicles. and that we offer free delivery if you order now.