Loi Montagne : Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Mountain Law: Pyrénées-Atlantiques

From November 1 , 2022, all motorists must comply with the new regulations called the Mountain 2 law . This particularly concerns the main mountain ranges, including the Pyrenees.

If this concerns you, discover our article which will help you see more clearly about this new law.


Implemented in 2021, the Mountain 2 law did not fully come into force before the 1st November 2022 . In fact, before this date, the police who stopped motorists did not punish them. The objective being to provide education in order to prepare for the real implementation of this law, from November 2022.

On the other hand, since November 1 , 2022, it has become obligatory to comply with the obligations imposed by this new law.

So, if you have to drive in the mountains, you must have, at a minimum, snow socks or snow chains . People who wish can equip themselves with snow tires or 4-season tires.

Concerning the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, 28 municipalities are concerned (here  the list ). To inform motorists, new signs will be installed at the entrance and exit of risk zones (signs B58 and B59). Within these areas, it will therefore be mandatory to use suitable equipment.

Please note: even outside these areas, it will be mandatory to have the appropriate equipment at least in the trunk of your car . Indeed, in the event of an inspection, you must be able to show the agents that you are in compliance with the law, even if the equipment is not installed on the tires.


The legitimate question to ask: should we favor snow/4-season tires or snow chain or sock type equipment ?

In fact, it all depends on your budget and your daily needs.

The easiest way is obviously to equip yourself with tires suitable for driving on snowy and icy roads . However, this requires immobilizing your vehicle by taking it to the garage and paying a significant amount of money. Thus, the compulsory snow tire solution in Pyrénées-Atlantiques should be favored by people who often drive in the mountains or who plan to spend a long stay in one of the municipalities concerned.

If you are only passing through, you may prefer to buy snow chains or socks . The advantage: the relatively low cost of this investment. The disadvantage: they must be installed before each entry into a risk zone and uninstalled upon exit. Which can be tedious (especially in bad weather). In fact, you should know that this type of equipment does not allow you to drive on dry roads .

It's up to you to decide depending on your situation. 


The objective of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques Mountain law: to improve safety on snowy and icy roads while avoiding lane blockages by accident vehicles.

For this, a sanction has been put in place to force the motorists concerned to respect the regulations in force.

So, if you are stopped by the police without the appropriate equipment, you risk a class 4 fine . Which corresponds to 135€. In certain cases, it is possible that this sanction also results in immobilization of the vehicle .

Please note: this fine does not concern the owner of the vehicle, but the driver at the time of the check. 


We talked about the different technologies allowing you to ride peacefully in the mountains. But there is one last: the patented Musher technology .

Ideal to avoid installing compulsory winter tires in Pyrénées-Atlantiques, we have invented a product that is simple to install and very practical . In fact, compared to snow chains and snow socks which require between 10 and 20 minutes to install, our over-tire can be installed in just 5 minutes .

Please note: in addition to being effective on snow and ice, they also allow you to drive on dry asphalt for approximately 150 km . Which makes them more flexible than traditional snow chains and socks.

Without forgetting the fact that they can be installed on all types of vehicles , even those called non-chainable.

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