Loi Montagne en Savoie : comment mettre son véhicule aux normes ?

Mountain law in Savoie: how to bring your vehicle up to standard?

Since the end of 2021, the Mountain law has put in place new obligations for motorists in certain regions of France . In Savoie, you will need to equip your car accordingly to be able to drive safely during the winter.


The Mountain law came into force in France on November 1, 2021. After a first year of application focused on education, to allow motorists to prepare for the new legislation, the 2022-2023 winter season is the first during which the law is strictly enforced. In the massif of the Alps , the department of Savoie is one of those where the Mountain law must be respected. In total, 273 municipalities are concerned. To travel on site, it is mandatory to equip your vehicle with snow chains, snow socks or winter (or snow) tires for the period from November 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023.

The law stipulates that this obligation affects all vehicles equipped with 4 wheels, namely cars (individuals and professionals), vans and heavy goods vehicles. The objective of the legislation is to reduce the risk of road accidents caused by snowy or icy roads. This measure should also make it possible to improve traffic flow by preventing roads from becoming blocked due to vehicles stopped on the road. The areas affected by the snow tire law in Savoie are indicated by entry and exit signs.


With the implementation of the Mountain law, the question arises for motorists who are going to drive on a road in Savoie: is it essential for them to equip themselves with snow tires or winter tires? In reality, the compulsory winter tire in Savoie can also be replaced by approved systems which allow you to drive without danger on icy and snowy terrain. Concretely, people who have to drive in Savoie during the winter period will also be able to equip themselves with different types of snow socks sold commercially or even snow chains.

It should also be noted that the 4 season tires are also accepted for driving in complete safety on the roads of the Alps. However, replacing your entire set of tires comes with a certain cost and is not the most practical option on a daily basis. Likewise, snow chains can be complex to install and can be both a waste of time and a source of stress if you are not familiar with this accessory. The use of snow socks and specialized overtires, on the other hand, proves to be most interesting for following the Mountain law.


The chain, the extra tire, the winter tire or the snow tire obligatory in Savoie must not be forgotten by motorists who will use the roads of the department between November 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023. For all restricted area indicated by signs, you will need to have one of these devices installed on your vehicle. It is imperative to change your tires or remember to take them from your trunk. In the event of an inspection, the police will demand to see your equipment allowing you to drive safely in winter.

Otherwise, you risk a fourth class fine in the amount of 135 euros. In certain cases, immobilization of the vehicle may also be decided. Every year, many motorists fail to equip themselves or equip themselves too late to deal with difficult weather conditions. Avoidable accidents and traffic jams are caused by these bad practices. Nearly one in seven French motorists have already been stuck on a road. snowy or icy road lack of suitable accessories.


If you're not comfortable with snow tires or snow chains, Musher's exclusive technology gives you an easy-to-access solution with its one-of-a-kind snow socks. These approved overtires are the simplest to install among the models on the market. You can install them on your wheels to travel with complete peace of mind within the municipalities of Savoie in which the Mountain Law is applied. These accessories can be installed in 5 minutes and provide exceptional resistance for all your journeys.

This equipment is clearly different from traditional snow chains and socks since it is possible to ride with it on dry asphalt for a distance of approximately 150 kilometers. Non-chainable vehicles can be protected very easily with these overtires. This way you can respect the law while benefiting from the advantages of Musher technology.

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