Loi Montagne en Haute-Savoie : que faut-il savoir ?

Mountain law in Haute-Savoie: what do you need to know?

Introduced at the end of 2021, the Mountain II law imposes restrictions on motorists during the winter period in several departments. Haute-Savoie is affected by this new legislation , which requires you to have approved equipment to travel on the icy and snowy roads .


Since November 1, 2021, the Mountain II law has been implemented in a number of French departments. For the first year of entry into force, in 2021-2022, the police were content with a simple reminder of the law for motorists in violation. For the second year of application, sanctions will be taken if the law is not respected.

The legislation provides that equipment intended for driving on snow or ice (snow tires, snow chains, snow socks) are equipped on vehicles using the roads of certain departments. This obligation is valid for the entire winter period, between November 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023.

Haute-Savoie is one of the departments affected by the Mountain II law. This measure targets the different 4 wheel vehicles of the department. Drivers of light and utility vehicles, motorhomes, heavy goods vehicles and coaches traveling throughout the department will therefore have to take measures to drive safely during the winter period .


The Mountain law in Haute-Savoie applies to the entire department. This new regulation is aimed at both people living on site and passing motorists. In Haute-Savoie, the snow tire is obligatory during the period fixed by the regulations. However, it can be replaced by a winter tire, snow sock, snow chains or approved overtires.

To ensure the safety of users, limit road accidents and reduce the risk of blocked roads (due to snow or ice), the Mountain II law is therefore particularly important in the department. In total, 279 municipalities are affected by this measure in the Haute-Savoie department. The aim of this change in legislation is to make roads safer during winter.

So that motorists can better find their way, at the entrance and exit of each zone affected by this obligation, a specific signaling has been established. It allows you to know when to equip yourself, to easily distinguish the administrative limits of the department and to know the period of obligation for the installation of winter equipment on vehicles.


For the 2022-2023 season, the law will now be strictly applied in Haute-Savoie as well as in all the departments affected by the new legislation. Consequently, if you drive in this department, you will need to have equipped your tires with chains, socks or suitable overtires, or have installed snow tires. In the event of an inspection between November 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023, offenders are subject to a fourth class fine of 135 euros.

Your vehicle may be immobilized if it is unable to drive on a snowy or icy road. During the winter, in neighboring areas, the police may also demand to see your equipment used to drive safely. You will then have to remember to take them in your trunk on all occasions.


To drive in winter while complying with the law, Musher approved overtires constitute a very interesting solution. These anti-slip snow socks are designed using 3D shape memory knitting, an exclusive seamless technology that provides grip and resistance.

With their fluorescent border, intuitive installation is possible in less than 5 minutes. This is a major advantage compared to snow chains , which are complex to install, and snow tires which require going to a garage for their installation.

Effective on snow and ice, the Musher overtire complies with the Mountain II law. Its INPI-patented technology also allows driving on asphalt over a distance of 150 km at 50 km/h. Among the other advantages of these accessories, we can mention the possible installation on non-chainable vehicles, the absence of vibration while driving, their reusable nature as well as their manufacture in France.

Musher overtires are more durable than any commercially available snow socks. Their strength and high level of performance allow you to drive safely even on heavily snowy roads. With their shape memory technology, these overtires adapt easily to all types of vehicles.

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