Loi Montagne : Aveyron

Mountain Law: Aveyron

Do you live in Aveyron or do you often go to the department? You must know the Aveyron Mountain law . Indeed, ignorance of this new legal system may result in sanction from the police.

What is the Aveyron Mountain law and how can you be sure you are in compliance?

Focus on this important new regulation.


It is in 2021 that, for the first time, we hear about the Aveyron Mountain law . At that time, this system was in its educational phase. Which means that in 2021, the police could not sanction motorists who contravene the legislation snow tire required in Aveyron . We applied a simple reminder of the law.

Since 2022, the white year no longer exists. Thus, motorists who do not have snow equipment for their tires face a fine of €135. In addition, the gendarmes can force offenders to turn around in order to prevent vehicles at risk from using the mountain roads concerned.

The objective of the Aveyron Mountain law : avoid accidents and road blockages by unequipped vehicles in the event of snow and ice during the winter season (between 1 November and March 31).

We are therefore on a risk prevention law which concerns the safety of all.


We observe that 42 municipalities are affected by the mandatory snow tire law in Aveyron . By taking a map, it is interesting to point out that only the municipalities in the north-east and center of the department must meet the new associated standards.

Please note: new signs have been put in place to demarcate the compulsory snow tire zones in Aveyron.

These square signs B58 and B59 indicate the start and end of the area. So, when you see them, you know that you need to install your equipment.


Obviously, the best way to be in compliance with the Aveyron Mountain law is to install winter tires on your car. However, this process is cumbersome and expensive. In addition, since you must call a mechanic, you must immobilize your vehicle for a certain period of time.

Please note: to be considered as winter tire , the MS, M&S or M+S inscriptions must be visible on your tires. If not, you will need snow chains or socks.

If you often take your car in the Aveyron department, the acquisition of snow tires can be a worthwhile investment. Just remember to store your other tires in a secure place.

If you do not want to install snow tires, it is possible to equip yourself with snow chains or socks . The sock is easier to assemble than the chains (15 minutes compared to around 20 minutes). On the other hand, chains are much more effective on heavily icy or snowy roads. In both cases, you will have to remove your equipment once on dry asphalt.

That being said, know that you will not need to install your equipment on all of your tires. Indeed, only the drive wheels must be equipped .

Good to know: studded tires allow you to drive with complete peace of mind without needing to purchase additional equipment.

Concerning heavy goods vehicles and heavy goods vehicles with trailers, even if the vehicle is equipped with snow tires, it will also be required to have snow chains to be installed on the drive wheels .


As we have stated, each technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Winter tires are the most practical, but also the most expensive, while snow chains and socks take some time to install. In addition, they must be removed quickly once out of the Aveyron Mountain law zone .

It is based on this observation that we decided to propose a new INPI patented technology. Taking the form of an over-tyre, you benefit from a device that is very easy to fit and can be used on icy and snowy roads as well as on dry asphalt (over 150 km).

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