Les équipements de voiture indispensables en hiver

Essential car equipment in winter

For your daily journeys as well as on the road to ski resorts, here is the essential equipment to have in your car this winter !

Winter sports, immaculate landscapes, end-of-year celebrations and evenings by the fire, winter is a magical time which can quickly turn sour if you are not sufficiently prepared to deal with bad weather: breakdowns, accidents, blocked vehicle, etc. To be able to drive safely and make your journeys without incident, take the time to properly equip your vehicle, inside and out . Between de-icing spray, jumper cables and non-slip over-tyres, here are the items to check off your checklist for your winter journeys.


    • A windshield scraper: also known as a squeegee, this little utensil will be of great use to you in getting rid of the gel that covers your windshield and your windows and hinders your visibility.
    • A snow shovel: it only takes a few hours for the wheels of your parked car to find themselves tangled in snow, making starting a real ordeal. In this way, the snow shovel is a simple and effective way to prevent this type of incident which is unfortunately common during the winter season.
    • A de-icing spray: for motorists in a hurry or in the event of particularly resistant frost, the de-icing spray is essential. Keep one in your car to clear ice from your windshield and unlock your locks after cold winter nights.
    • Road salt: There are some bad weather conditions that require more than anti-slip devices. If a portion of the road seems too snowy to drive on, limit the risks and take a moment to sprinkle road salt to make it more passable.
    • Jumper cables: if your vehicle's battery has succumbed to the cold, jumper cables are the ideal emergency solution and will allow you to get going again, provided you find another motorist who will agree to lend you a helping hand!


Die-hard mountaineers are probably already familiar with sign B26 which indicates the obligation to equip your vehicle with special equipment on certain mountain roads. To this existing development will be added, from November 2021, the regulations provided for by the Mountain Law 2 , namely the obligatory presence of this equipment in mountainous areas , defined by law n°85-30 of 01/09/1985.

Beyond legal considerations, anti-slip equipment is essential to the safety of motorists during the winter period. But between snow chains, winter tires, socks and other equipment , it is difficult to choose. Your equipment must be reliable and compliant with current standards, it must be able to allow you to drive calmly on snow and ice while resisting portions of dry bitumen , and impose a minimum of constraints on you so as not to be a source of additional stress on your mountain journeys.

Appreciated for their strength and reliability, snow chains are nevertheless very complicated to install, expensive, uncomfortable while driving, difficult to use on dry asphalt and incompatible with many tire models.

These major inconveniences sometimes lead motorists to turn to snow socks , less bulky and more economical. Unfortunately, these are very fragile, unreliable on the most dangerous roads and completely unusable on snowless asphalt sections.

Rest assured, there is a simple solution that meets all the selection criteria previously mentioned: the anti-slip over-tyre . Resulting from a patented innovation, designed and manufactured in France, the Musher over-tire is:

    • Counterpart
    • Compliant regulations (Mountain Law and sign B26)
    • Ultra-adherent
    • Resistant up to 150 km on dry bitumen
    • Assembled and disassembled on your wheels in 5 minutes
    • Comfortable while driving
    • Compatible with any type of vehicle, even non-chainable.

Thanks to these few tips, you will be ready to face next winter without disappointment. Head out onto the roads of the most beautiful mountains in France to put your anti-slip tires to the test!