Équiper ses pneus en hiver avec des pneus nordiques, une bonne idée ?

Is equipping your tires in winter with Nordic tires a good idea?

Driving on a snowy or icy road is very risky because of the loss of grip on this type of terrain, and requires the appropriate equipment. There are many accessories for riding on snow. In addition to the fragile standard snow socks and snow chains (internal link: https://musher-antiglisse.com/chaines-chaussettes-neige-que-choisir/) which are difficult to fit, there are also Nordic tires . What are they worth? Should other equipment be preferred? All our answers in this article.


THE Nordic tire , more commonly called snow tire or contact tire , is a good compromise between the traditional winter tire and the studded tire. It is mainly used on slippery and snowy roads in order to compensate, as far as possible, for the loss of vehicle grip. It is very suitable for negative temperatures and has a laminated structure for greater traction on ice and snow.

Unlike classic summer tires whose rubber hardens when temperatures drop below 7°C, which causes loss of grip and reduces braking capabilities, snow tires maintain their flexibility even at low temperatures. They are therefore perfectly suited to mountainous regions , low temperatures and snowy roads. or icy .


  • Snow tires are effective on ice as well as dry asphalt , unlike snow chains.
  • They can be used on all types of floors and vehicles.
  • Very effective in extreme climatic conditions such as Scandinavian countries.
  • They have better grip and performance than standard winter tires.


  • It is necessary to go to a garage to install them , and therefore to store your old set of tires, at home if possible, or at a garage for a fee.
  • The cost is also high, between 20 and 25% more expensive than summer tires. It is recommended to fit all 4 wheels, and not just two drive wheels.
  • They are less comfortable than an alpine tire and more fuel intensive.

Unless you live in particularly cold, mountainous or hilly regions, you do not necessarily need to turn to Nordic tires which are still expensive enough for the needs you have. For drivers looking for a more economical solution, easier to use than snow chains and more durable than traditional snow socks, there is an ideal solution for you.


Designed and manufactured in France, the Musher anti-slip over-tire adapts exactly to your tires and allows you to drive in complete safety on snowy or icy roads. It is the ideal equipment for demanding motorists, looking for an economical solution, easy to use and above all effective during the winter season. Musher snow socks are:

  • quick and easy to install . The snow socks are supplied with a complete installation pack (laying mat, gloves and protective sleeves) to enable easy assembly in just 5 minutes.
  • effective on snow, ice and asphalt , unlike snow chains. You can drive up to a speed of 50 km/h for 150 kilometers without fear of tearing.
  • usable on all types of ground and all types of vehicles, even non-chainable vehicles.
  • 2 year guarantee and usable several times
  • approved (internal link: https://musher-antiglisse.com/technologie-musher/technologie-musher-innovation-francaise/). You will have access to roads regulated by standard B26 “Snow chains required”.

Of course, the choice of your equipment for the winter must favor equipment that guarantees better performance according to your needs, your case and the location where you are.

The Nordic tire is synonymous with safety depending on the weather conditions, less restrictive than a snow chain and less risky than a classic snow sock, but has a much higher price. Conversely, Musher over-tyres offer a profitable compromise by benefiting from both good grip and versatility . on all types of roads and very good value for money .

Reusable, flexible and durable, Musher snow socks fit tire sizes ranging from 12 to 22 inches.