Comment conduire sur les routes verglacées ?

How to drive on icy roads?

It's no secret: driving on ice is not easy . It can even become very dangerous on certain routes.

So, if you can postpone your trip, it is better to do so. Otherwise, we give you some tips and tricks to avoid any accident .


If you have to take the road when an episode of snow and ice is forecast, you will need to take more time than necessary to check that you are ready to face this natural event.

First of all, check your tire pressure carefully . In fact, too low pressure is a cause of loss of maneuverability. You must therefore be sure that your tires are sufficiently inflated to grip the road well. Obviously, if necessary, equip yourself with suitable snow equipment such as our Musher over-tyre.

Take the opportunity to check the level of the most important fluids in your vehicle . We are thinking in particular of brake fluid, engine oil, coolant and windshield washer fluid.

Speaking of checking, make sure your lights are working properly . This concerns, among other things, low beam lights, fog lights and brake lights.

Obviously, don't hit the road until you have a perfect vision of it. Which means that you need to take time in the morning to defrost the car windows: the windshield as well as the rear window and the side windows so that you can check the mirrors if necessary.

Finally, plan for the necessary time in the event of a major blockage to last a night in the cold . A survival blanket, a snack, water as well as jumper cables, a vest and safety triangle.


This is the best advice we give to people who are about to drive on icy roads: drive smoothly and stay vigilant during the journey . This means, in other words, favoring engine braking as much as possible and avoid sudden accelerations as well as excessive speeds. Do not vary your speed and drive slowly while maintaining a large safety distance from the vehicle in front of you .

As such, it is recommended to anticipate your departure and take more time than expected to reach your point of arrival. So, if you have to go to an appointment, don't hesitate to leave early . This will prevent you from being stressed and making mistakes. You will therefore be fully focused on the road.

In addition, project your gaze as far as possible in order to anticipate any braking . This is also the basics of driving on ice: driving on ice requires great anticipation in order to avoid braking too suddenly and, in the event of a slip, hitting the vehicle in front.


Sometimes it is necessary to brake suddenly. This can happen because of a sudden event, inattention or other motorists who are a little too hasty or inattentive.

So, if this happens to you and you start to lose control of your vehicle, do not try to brake and jerk the wheel suddenly. It is better to accompany your vehicle with small movements of the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the swerve (counter-steer).

Obviously, this is easier said than done and, on the road, panic can overwhelm us. Especially since if this happens to you, you only have a few seconds to react. The idea is therefore to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario by looking at which way to go if necessary .

Let's imagine you are on the highway: Avoid the middle path . The reason: you have no escape route in the event of a slip. In fact, by moving to the left or right, you risk encountering other vehicles. The goal is to stay in the right lane as much as possible in order to take advantage of the emergency lane to move aside if necessary.

Obviously, if driving on ice stresses you out, don't hesitate to postpone your trip or give the wheel to someone else (if possible of course). Additionally, be extremely vigilant throughout the route and check your thermometer often . If this is close to or below 0, be careful! Don't hesitate to listen to the radio stations regularly offering weather reports and road traffic summaries .

Remember: driving on ice is very difficult and, in this sense, you should be extremely careful and adopt a driving style that is as calm as possible .