Chaussettes à neige pour véhicules Tesla : comment rouler en toute sécurité cet hiver ?

Snow socks for Tesla vehicles: how to drive safely this winter?

Mountain holidays are often synonymous with fun And fun but also of travel difficulties , especially when arriving in a restricted area where you must equip your Tesla with snow socks. Have no fear and discover the Musher anti-slip over-tyres to replace classic snow socks !

To ride on snowy or icy surfaces, you need to be well equipped. This is why Musher developed its snow socks for Tesla Model 3 (also for Model S and Y) capable of ride on snow, ice but also, and unlike classic snow socks and chains, on the dry bitumen without tearing, up to 150 km.

The anti-slip over-tyres are patented And compliant with French (Mountain Law) and European regulations .

Find out what size you need for your Tesla