Chaussettes à neige pour Peugeot : comment rouler en toute sécurité cet hiver ?

Snow socks for Peugeot: how to drive safely this winter?

Are you looking for snow socks for your Peugeot? What if you opted for non-slip over-tyres?

In winter, you have to take precautions when it comes to taking the road in the mountains. It is absolutely necessary to equip your car accordingly, in order to avoid any risk of accident due to snow, ice or other users. You can then protect your Peugeot's tires with snow chains, winter tires or even snow socks. This last option is very appreciated , particularly for its ease of use and driving comfort. However, the Snow socks have many defects , starting with an impossibility of use on dry asphalt and on the most demanding winter roads.

At Musher, we have developed a INPI patented anti-slip over-tire which allows you to ride on all surfaces : on the snowiest roads as well as on dry asphalt for up to 150km. Non-slip and tear-resistant, Musher over-tyres will make your winter driving much more comfortable and safer. Our over-tyre, designed and manufactured in France, complies with all European road regulations.

Musher snow socks are compatible with all Peugeot models, including non-chainable vehicles: 208, 2008, 3008, 5008… (non-exhaustive list).

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