Chaines a neiges faciles a installer : quel est l'équipement idéal ?

Easy to install snow chains: what is the ideal equipment?

Fed up with snow chains? Is your vehicle non-chainable? It's perfect: there is a solution that is even easier to install, pleasant and secure. Let's discover Musher over-tyres, which are snow socks, but better.


When it's cold, your car's tires lose efficiency. And inevitably, the situation can become tense because the surface connecting your car to the road is minimal. If snow arrives, it may be necessary to equip your car with snow chains .

However, this equipment requires sometimes complicated installation on each tire of the drive wheels. A few training sessions are essential! In addition, motorists fear installing chains, and therefore equip themselves at the last minute. This generates stressful and even dangerous situations.

Non-chainable vehicles can only be equipped with snow tires or special snow socks to confidently navigate winter roads. Do you only ride on snow occasionally? THE Musher over-tire is the equipment you need!


If snow chains have had a monopoly for a long time, snow socks have gradually gained market share. You have everything to gain.

Easier to assemble, they guarantee at least as effective grip which allows you to navigate difficult terrain with less effort. The quality of these socks varies quite a lot and it is undeniable that you should remember to remove them as soon as the snow layer decreases otherwise they will quickly be punctured!

Are you looking for the perfect compromise? Look at over-snow tires.

This equipment is quite similar to snow socks but they differ in their composition. If the assembly is generally similar (and therefore very simple), the Musher brand – an expert in this segment – ​​has developed a covering based on high-tech textiles.

The grip is maximum and the endurance, greater than 150 kilometers on dry asphalt, allows you to pass through tunnels and other non-snowy areas with confidence. Your vehicle thus gains in versatility, whatever the type of road surface.

As a bonus, to facilitate assembly, Musher snow covers are supplied with a kit including gloves, an installation mat and a waterproof bag to store your snow covers until the next use. The over-tyres are like an extra layer that becomes one with your wheels.


In winter, the weather can change very quickly and it is not uncommon to find yourself trapped. Snow doesn't only fall in the mountains. In some cases, the situation can be particularly stressful and it is better to have safety equipment available that will allow you to be able to leave again. The storage of Musher over-tires is also a great strength of this product. Compact in their waterproof bag, silent when riding with them, Musher snow socks are very comfortable and practical equipment, with no driving vibration.

When the snow appears, and if you are driving in a clear area, test the grip of your vehicle by braking gradually until the vehicle stops. Always drive at low speed when grip is low, press on your pedals as if you were walking on eggshells to avoid slipping. Finally, always stay calm while driving, even if the weather conditions are difficult!