Avis sur les chaussettes neige : comparatif avec les sur-pneus Musher Antiglisse

Review of snow socks: comparison with Musher Antiglisse over-tyres

Around one in ten motorists in France have already encountered problems linked to snowy or icy roads. In this context, it appears necessary to equip yourself with efficient and safe equipment for your tires. Innovative and patented, Musher snow socks make your road trips easier in difficult weather conditions.


To provide a suitable solution for winter conditions, Musher has developed one-of-a-kind tire equipment using cutting-edge technology.

Suitable for sizes ranging from 12 to 22 inches, the Musher snow socks are able to be installed quickly on all types of vehicles, including those considered non-chainable . It has never been easier to drive safely on snowy and icy roads.

The exceptional grip of our equipment is notably due to the 3D shape memory knitting which allows Musher over-tyres to perfectly fit any tire. Flexible and resistant at the same time, the materials used for the manufacture of these over-tires guarantee maximum safety.
The Musher snow sock can be fitted to any type of vehicle . It constitutes a relevant choice for dealing with climatic hazards. No weather condition will prevent you from getting behind the wheel with this approved accessory that can be installed on your tires in 5 minutes.

Musher technology stands out from the competition on many points. Our exclusive snow socks are much more durable and versatile than any previously offered on the market. Their intelligent casing is ideal for impeccable handling on snow and ice, with the possibility of driving on dry asphalt for 150 kilometers.


Who has not experienced the hell of snow chains ? Being able to quickly and easily install a safety accessory against ice and snow is essential.

The Musher snow sock is made from a high-quality, ultra-resistant textile, developed to allow installation in a short time while ensuring perfect grip on the road.

For the choice of your anti-snow equipment, The over-tire solution has many advantages compared to competing offers .

A snow chain is difficult to install and requires almost 20 minutes of effort with favorable weather conditions.

Easier to install, a snow sock classic installs on average in 15 minutes.

If you choose the option of snow tire , the logistics prove even more complex: you will have to go to a garage to replace your tires.

Much more practical, the Musher over-tire can be installed in 5 minutes using complete packaging (laying mat, gloves, protective sleeves).


In terms of grip, not all commercially available accessories are equal. For obvious safety reasons, equipment guaranteeing the best road holding should be preferred.

With exceptional grip in all respects on snowy and icy surfaces, also allowing use on dry bitumen, the Musher over-tire offers real guarantees of safety and practicality.

A standard snow chain cannot be used on dry asphalt, as this could damage your vehicle. The standard snow sock cannot be used on dry asphalt either. In addition, it offers limited grip on fresh snow and ice.

The standard snow tire is safe in all weather conditions but has a higher price. Musher over-tires have the advantage of grip, versatility and excellent value for money. These are reusable accessories suitable for snowy, icy roads and dry asphalt.


Whatever the size or brand of your tires, whether you have a non-chainable, electric, or utility vehicle, you can benefit from flexible and resistant equipment adapted with the Musher snow sock. Its INPI-patented technology guarantees extraordinary performance.

With a snow chain, you will be unable to equip non-chainable vehicles. Installation on dry bitumen is also impossible. Common snow sock models suffer from the same problem. Until now, only snow tires could fit all vehicles, provided the existing set of tires was replaced.

The icing on the cake: Musher over-tyres are made in France and can be delivered free of charge within 24 hours.