These general terms and conditions of sale apply to all orders placed on the website from 24th October 2016. 


Our product offering is valid as long as it is available on the website. 


Any order form signed by the consumer by “double click” constitutes an irrevocable acceptance which can only be challenged within the limitations provided in these general terms and conditions of sale. The “double click” associated with the authentication and non-repudiation procedure and the protection of the integrity of the messages constitutes an electronic signature. This electronic signature has the same value between the parties as a handwritten signature. Any order that has been validated, paid for, is being processed or has been shipped cannot be cancelled. 


The order will be processed only upon receipt of payment. 

By credit card via Société Générale (PayBox) 

By Credit Card via PayPal (Secure Banking System) 


All our products are brand new and packaged. Photographs and illustrations are not contractual. The customer is solely responsible for knowing the chaining methods of their vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect fitting or improper use of the products not in accordance with the assembly instructions. The customer is solely responsible for the use and maintenance of the products. Personal or material damages of any kind caused by the products which could result from malfunction or misuse are not covered by our company. 


All our prices are inclusive of taxes. All our prices are subject to change at any time depending on available stock. 


The products are delivered to the delivery address indicated during the ordering process and according to the delivery method selected. Delivery times are given as an indication and are not guaranteed. In case of wrong address and/or following a return of shipment, new shipping fees shall be charged, equal to those of the first shipment. 

Shipping fees include postage and packing and handling. 

We are not responsible for delivery times. We cannot be held responsible for any delays in the delivery process. The transport company is solely responsible for transport and delivery times (in working days). No refund of orders or shipping fees will be made in case of non compliance with delivery times by the carrier. 

Under no circumstances can SEBELTECH MUSHER be held liable for any destruction, damage, loss, theft, delay and non-delivery during transport. In case of destruction, damage, loss, theft, delay and non-delivery during transport, no claim will be made against the carrier and no refund of order will take place. 

All orders paid for, shipped (and then returned by the carrier) and not claimed by the customer shall be considered, within 6 months (from the date of order), as lost to the customer to the benefit of our company. The order will be cancelled and not refunded. 

All orders refused at the time of delivery and returned without an after-sales service return number by the carrier will not be reimbursed for shipping costs. The return shipping costs will be charged and deducted from the refund of the order amount. 

For international deliveries (outside Europe), customs duties and taxes may be applied according to the legislation in force in the country of delivery and these will be at the expense of the recipient. 


The customer must inform us in writing, within 14 days of the date of receipt or delivery of the package, of their intention to return the item(s) received in its/their original condition, indicating the reason for the return. The 14-day period begins on the day following the conclusion of the contract or the delivery of the goods. If this period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it is extended to the first working day. 

After this period, returns are no longer accepted. Returns without a written request from the customer will not be accepted and will be automatically refused. An after-sales service case number will be assigned for the returned order. No returns will be accepted without an after-sales service case number. 

The product(s) must be returned in their original, unopened cardboard packaging (sealing tape intact upon receipt) and in its/their original condition (new, unopened, unsealed, unused, untried or non assembled contents). We will not accept or exchange any product that has been opened, unsealed, used, tried or assembled and whose original cardboard packaging has been opened (sealing tape or strapping opened, cut or torn). 

Time limit for returning an item: The returned item(s) must reach us within 14 days following the date of delivery or receipt of the said item(s). 

The costs of returning the item(s) are the responsibility of the buyer regardless of the reason for the return. A return handling fee may be applied depending on the product(s) returned. 

At the request of the buyer and after receipt of the item(s) returned in accordance with the return policy, a refund will be issued for the cost of the product(s). The original shipping costs will be refunded up to the amount corresponding to the cheapest standard shipping method within the scope of the customer’s right of withdrawal only. We shall not refund products whose cardboard packaging has been opened. We shall not refund products that have been opened, unsealed, tested, assembled or broken during use. 

No returns are accepted outside of mainland France. 


In the event of an order error on the part of the buyer wishing an exchange of the product, the buyer must return the item in accordance with the return policy, and must cover the shipping costs of the new item equal to the shipping costs corresponding to the desired product subject to availability. A return processing fee may apply depending on the model returned. 


Warranty against manufacturing defects: To benefit from our manufacturer’s warranty in case of a manufacturing defect found when opening the box or the sealed bag containing the product ordered, the customer must provide proof of the manufacturing defect (photographs, videos, description of the defect). After receipt of the item in accordance with the return policy and after verification of the manufacturing defect by us, a standard exchange will be made subject to availability. 

2-year warranty: 

100% refund within the 1st year in case of a justified problem with the product.  

50% refund within the 2nd year in case of a justified problem with the product 

This warranty will not be applicable in the event of: 

Incorrect fitting 

Breakage of material during fitting and use 

Improper use not in accordance with the operating instructions 

Personal or material damage of any kind caused by the products 

Poor product maintenance after use 

Excess speed (more than 50 km/h) 

Use on more than 30 km on dry road. 


For products purchased online, the customer has a period of 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods to exercise their right of cancellation of their order. The starting point for this period shall be the postmark or the date of the receipt. The return or cancellation may concern all or part of the order. 

Return and exchange costs are at the customer’s expense. 

The refund, whether total or partial, is made within 30 days of receipt of the returned goods by Musher Antiglisse. The refund shall be made by bank transfer to the customer in accordance with the information provided at the time of the order. Products returned damaged, incomplete, soiled, tested, opened or without the original packaging will not be accepted, exchanged or refunded. 

Beyond 14 days from delivery, the goods will not be accepted, exchanged or refunded